Adobe Creative Cloud Update Fails With Error Code 50 (and Others)

Adobe Creative Could Desktop is the software that runs on your computer and allows you to keep your Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.) up-to-date. Creative Cloud notifies you when an update is available for those programs and lets you download and install the new versions.

Error 50

So far so good. The problem is when an update for Creative Could itself is available and you try to install it, it fails with esoteric error codes, in my case Error 50. The Adobe forums are full of users complaining about this problem and Adobe seem to either not knowing how to fix the problem or not being interested in fixing that problem.

This despite the fact that we are paying them a lot of money every month to have the privilege to use their software. But anyway I digress.

Adobe’s Solution

Adobe recommends to download and run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to properly uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud (and possibly uninstall ALL Adobe software before), reboot, then retry to install Creative Cloud.

Well, this worked neither on my work PC nor on my home PC. Congratulations Adobe!

The Real Solution

Well, a clever guy named Michael found the solution: Boot your PC in Safe Mode with Networking to update the Creative Cloud application.

Here’s how to boot your PC in safe mode with networking:

  • From Windows XP to Windows 7, initiate a restart, and press repeatedly F8 while Windows is starting. You should get a so-called boot menu which allows you to chose the boot mode, e.g. Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft decided that this procedure was definitely to simple and so they implemented a convoluted scheme to start a PC in Safe Mode.

Once your PC is running in Safe Mode with Networking, just run the Creative Cloud application, and let it update itself. Hopefully this will now work without a problem. Then reboot in normal mode and let the Creative Cloud application update the other programs as usual.

Voilà, problem solved!